Linux 时间全解

👌 2021-06-26 Linux 时间全解 FileInfo Filename - Linux 时间全解 Version - v1.1.2107(2021/06/26 ~ 2021/07/01) Author - nuo standuke Email - DescriptionKey - Linux time solution 版本修订记录: v1

电脑状态 休眠 睡眠 关机等区别

👌 2021-04-22 电脑状态 休眠 睡眠 关机等区别 Suspend「待机」 Does not turn off your computer. It puts the computer and all peripherals on a low power consumption mode. If the battery runs out or the computer turns off for some reason, the current session and unsaved changes will be lost. 不关闭