Standuke「shortname nuo」


专注于 Linux,Openstack「IAAS」,Kubernetes「容器」,VMware-vSphere,shell 和 Java 编程。 时不时也写写 Python、Swift,总之就是爱捣腾。 注意最新的技术和数字产品。

SRE Engineer「Site Reliability Engineer」

Focus on Linux、Openstack「IAAS」、Kubernetes「Container」、VMware-vSphere、shell and java programming. From time to time, I also write Python and Swift. In short, I just love making things happen. Pay attention to the latest technology and digital products.

Notes 小记

从 2016 年开始陆陆续续接触 Linux 系统,在虚拟机里装完 CentOS 6 的那一刻就被 CLI 的操作界面深深吸引上了。于是乎,在网上找资料,花了一周的时间学习了 Linux 基础、又花了一周学了系统服务。当时就想把自己的学习过程整理出来,于是就写了 40 多页的 Pages。之后就一直想着把自己的学习、踩坑填坑过程记录下来。 关于写博客,从 2016 年到现在,陆陆续续用过 QQ 空间、知乎、简书、期间还搭建过一套 Wordpress「无奈 Banwagong 改了虚拟化架构就废掉了」和 Java Base 的一套博客平台。拥有一个自己专属的网站是我这个大男孩一直的愿望。 就这样,2021 年,加完班的我下决心要把这个「博客」上线!

Since 2016, I have been contacting Linux systems one after another. The moment I installed CentOS 6 in the virtual machine, I was deeply attracted by the CLI interface. Ever since I searched for information on the Internet, I spent a week learning Linux basics and another week learning system services. At that time, I wanted to sort out my learning process, so I wrote more than 40 pages of Pages. Since then, I have been thinking about recording my own learning and the process. Regarding blogging, from 2016 to the present, I have successively used Qzone, Zhihu, Jianshu, and built a set of Wordpress “But Banwagong changed the virtualization architecture and was abolished” and a set of Java Base Blog platform. Owning an exclusive website is my big boy’s long-cherished wish. In this way, in 2021, after working overtime, I am determined to put this “blog” online!


Hope my article can help you.

About this site 关于本站点

本站使用 Hugo 作为静态博客生成器,hugo-theme-pure 为主题,源码托管在 Github 上,计划使用 GitHub Issues 来持续写作「这方面主要还是受 DevOps 的 CI/CD 启发」,页面图片使用 Github 作为图床「你可以在我的 Github 主页看到这个图床」,最终用 GitHub Actions 进行持续构建、持续部署。项目部署在 VPS 上。

This site uses Hugo as a static blog generator, hugo-theme-pure as the theme, and the source code is hosted on Github. It is planned to use GitHub Issues to continue writing “This aspect is mainly inspired by DevOps CI/CD.” The page image uses Github as TuBed “You can see this TuBed on my Github homepage”, and finally use GitHub Actions for continuous construction and continuous deployment. The project is deployed on the VPS.

Contact Me 联系方式

如果对我感兴趣的话,还请毫不犹豫联系我哦。 If you have any question or want to contact me, Do not hesitate.

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